Niranjan "Nick" Khatiwala established Hermani Management LLC in 1998.  He
has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, being associated
with more than 50 hotels, both franchises and independents.  His educational
background includes a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Mayur "Mike" Khatiwala joined his family owned business in 1998 after a short
stint in Medical School.  He has 2 years of formal training in Hospitality and
Tourism and an educational background in Business Management.  Mike is also a
Cendant and Marriott International certified General Manager.  He is involved with
the asset management of his company's portfolio and the acquisition and
development of new hotels.

Hema Khatiwala has been involved in the hospitality business with her husband,
Nick, for nearly 25 years.  She is primarily involved with the interior design and
renovations aspect of the hotels.

Rakhee Khatiwala has an educational background in business with a degree in
Commerce.  She also has a formal education in Hospitality and Tourism.  Rakhee
serves as the controller for Hermani Management.